If you’d like to add more elegance, chic vibes and magnetism to your brand – you got to get clear and let go of what’s pulling your message down. Clarity is your power. If you feel that your branding and messaging isn’t powerful enough, doesn’t attract your dream clients or feels too ordinary… applying these 5 steps to Miss Chic Clarity Power will help you turn it around.

I used to be unclear with my message, had too many ideas pulling me in different directions and compared my business to others – let me tell you it felt terrible. That energy of not good enough or lack, that I was missing those key ingredients that would make me succeed felt exhausting and stressful. All of this made my brand heavy carrying useless weight that seemed important. One day, something inside of me shifted. I no longer wanted to compare and see myself lacking, I wanted to come back to my truth, my vision and dream.

I got super clear on what I wanted and let go of that baggage. Then miracles started happening and fresh ideas started coming. I got a contract with Cosmopolitan and Elle right after I got clear on what I wanted. You cannot imagine how important your business idea is, don’t ever compare it to anyone. You are you for a reason.

Here are my top 5 steps to Miss Chic Clarity Power :

1)Daily Nourish Your Vision

Connect to your brand vision daily. Don’t miss a day, it can be even for five minutes but take this time to connect with your dream vision for your biz. Connect with the power of your products and services. Allow yourself to dream big and let this vision expand as you do this Miss Chic Morning Ritual daily.

2)Get super clear on your core message

Getting clear on what you’re offering and who you’re talking to is powerful. Infuse your brand with clarity. Make sure that your website and all other communication like newsletters, posts and messages reflect this clear message. Don’t add other messages, just focus on that core message and let it become vibrant and magnetic. Make sure that when your dream clients read your newsletters or go to your website, they don’t have to guess how what you’re offering will help them. Let it be easy and clear.

3)Let go of perfectionism and self doubt

Any energies of perfectionism, lack, not feeling good enough or self doubt will put blocks on your brand. No matter how gorgeous looking is your brand, if you doubt what you offer – it won’t grow. Choose to drop this baggage and don’t come back to it. Self doubt is the opposite of abundance. Start believing in yourself, become your best encourager.

4)Consider it DONE

Get clear on everything that you desire for your brand and allow yourself to have it. Consider it done. There is power in knowing that what you desire is already there and is coming to you.

5)Be grateful and be patient

Your brand is like a garden. It’s important to take good care of it and be patient. Don’t stress yourself out, be a good gardener. Prune those branches that don’t bring fruit and focus on the branches that bring abundance. Get clear on what products and services your dream clients adore and start promoting them. Be grateful for everything in your business and you’ll get more of it. This is the divine law.

I hope that these steps helped you, I’d love to hear from you where you feel you’re lacking clarity in your biz. Comment below.

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