I’m so excited to share with you the 7 Feminine Branding Secrets in this post! Traveling all around the world as a designer working for Cosmopolitan,
Elle, Madame, Hallmark, just to name a few, working for luxurious brands and stores doing decorations, I knew I had something deep inside that
I wanted to share with you – my TOP tips about making your Brand irresistible!

Let’s Dive in.

7 Feminine Branding Secrets to make your business irresistible. Download Your Free Branding Guide!

Let’s be honest, we ladies love beautiful packaging. When we go shopping or see something we really want to get – there is usually a beautiful packaged product.

Your brand is your product (no matter if it’s a digital product or service).

If you were to look at it right now, even if it’s at the very beginning stage – do you like the way it looks? Do you like your branding?

Here are 7 feminine branding secrets that you should apply to your business right away.

1.Give yourself permission to be authentic.

Your authenticity is key to your success. Sooner you start connecting with your deepest authentic message, sooner you’ll see a shift in your brand. Now days, a lot of entrepreneurs create generic branding, which doesn’t reflect who they are – this makes their business look ordinary and unexciting. Make sure that your feminine branding shows your authenticity and your soul message. More authentic your brand will be, more magnetism it will have. (Question to you: is your brand authentic? do you feel that it truly represents who you are and what you want to share?)

2.Find your tone and voice

Your voice is unique, there is no one like you. Even if you feel that there are so many similar online businesses, there is still no one like you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Your story matters and you have your unique voice for a reason. Have courage to speak up and be yourself. Find your uniqueness in the way you share your message and magnify that in all your messages. Is your tone : gentle, strong, powerful, inspiring, elegant, etc? Connect to it and let it be part of your feminine branding.

3.Infuse your business with “feeling limitless”

Your business is energy. They way you feel about it is everything. If you feel lack or that your business isn’t good enough and won’t be able to generate the amount of money you want, all of this starts rotating around your feminine branding and pulls it down. The good news is that you are limitless, your desires for your business are there for a reason. Let go of all sabotage and lack. Focus on feeling totally limitless. Just in a few days, you’ll see a big shift in your business. Be more conscious what you put out.

7 feminine branding secrets to make your business irresistible, download your free branding guide.

4.Brainstorm for ways to make your product/service look and feel magical

We love beautiful packaging! Don’t you love opening up a gorgeous gift wrapped with a silky ribbon? It makes the gift more special and magical. The same concept applies to your feminine branding. Think of ways you can add magic to the look and feel of your products and services. What do your clients love? What do you love?

5.Use Color you love

Color is a language and it plays a huge role in branding. Your business will be recognized by the color combinations you use. Color speaks for you. Make sure that you use color that you love and that your audience loves. If your niche is women, then you should consider colors like (peach, mint, pink, raspberry, orange), these colors have power to attract attention of women!

6.Think about your feminine branding signature look

The signature look of your feminine brand is so important. Think of brands you love… They all have a signature branding style. Take time to analyze them and reflect what makes you love their branding. Is it the style of their logo, fonts, colors, imagery, vibe? Think of what images are going to become a signature of your business. Choose your fonts and colors. Like every fashion brand has a signature look so your business can have some signature elements. It doesn’t matter in what area your business is in, but if you find 1 or 2 signature elements, they can become
part of your brand and will become recognizable and memorable.

7.Scrap what didn’t work and move on. Try new things.

Don’t get stuck doing the same old thing. Sometimes it takes time to find your medium of sharing your message. Maybe you’re best at recording yourself on video and sharing your message this way? Or maybe, you’re good at sharing your inspiring visual content on Instagram and Pinterest. Don’t be afraid to move on from something that didn’t work out. Maybe other women entrepreneurs in your niche are using facebook but you don’t feel that it’s your medium, trust your heart and try new things.




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