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I recently went to a chic dessert place in Paris, it was a dream place to be… I think I could live there for days. Starting from exquisite sweets to golden curtains and fine porcelain. That atmosphere of joie de vivre (the joys of life), was all around. It felt that I could breath it, it was everywhere. While indulging desserts and little treats, I had a breakthrough moment…

Desserts have their own branding that’s beyond anything we could think or imagine, it’s DIVINE. – Miss Chic n’ Beautiful

It feels that desserts have their own language, it’s elegant, luxurious and chic.

So I met with some fine dessert makers and we had a delicious talk about this whole dessert branding idea. Let me tell you that if you feel stuck or your brand lacks excitement and delicious vibes – you need to hear this. If you’re inspired like me by chic desserts, if you feel drawn to indulge beautiful environments like five star hotels and luxurious gardens, if you feel that your brand is so much more than just plain images and text, then keep reading…

I’d like to share with you the most delicious branding strategies inspired by strawberries, desserts and chocolate. If you apply these strategies to your branding, your business will be transformed into a chic and delicious brand that will attract your dream clients rapidly.

There is a big chance that you love strawberries, desserts and chocolate – most likely you do. And what’s interesting is that it’s universal! Everyone all around the globe loves these treats. Why do you like these indulging treats? There is lots to learn from the festival of senses.

Let’s dive in.



What is it that makes us feel chic, delicious, loved, luxurious and special when we think of these treats? It feels like a dream, something that will satisfy our senses, our cravings. It’s this divine vision and feeling that we project. It’s this whole image of immersing ourselves into a land of indulgence.

There is a secret to learn from desserts… that if you apply it to your branding, then your dream clients will fall in love with your offers just like with desserts and chocolate.

Seduction – is key

1) Delightful presentation

Package your product or service in a delightful way, make it look like a dream, something that will make your audience seduced at first sight. Use images that divinely represent your product and service, let go of the plain stock images. Adding a chic twist to your visuals is key, let your dream clients fall in love at first sight with your brand. Think of Tiffany’s & Co. packaging. It’s chic, simple, elegant and divine. There is this sense of serenity, dreaming and seduction to it. Ask yourself : How can I add more elegant seduction to my products and services? Maybe you need to change your fonts, or the entire branding.

“The goal here is to make it exquisite like fine dessert.” – Miss Chic n’ Beautiful

2) You can’t have it daily. It’s a treat.

By creating specific products that are only available during a particular time makes your audience crave for those products when they are not available. Making your products/services feel like a treat, not just another product available online but making it a delicious treat for your dream client. Ask yourself these questions: How can you make your offers feel like a treat? What can you add to the description of your products to make it feel like a treasure? What would you add to your videos? What elements can make your brand feel like a treat?

3) “Macaroons Content Strategy”

Macaroons are chic, they became famous all around the globe for their size and exquisite taste (content). Make your content feel like macaroons. They are tasty, have a variety of flavors and they are small. Spread your content in small portions throughout emails, social media, and video. Use this macaroon strategy to provide little treats for your dream clients here and there. You’ll be amazed how powerful this strategy is. Ask yourself these questions: How can I share my delicious content in bits and how can I make it elegantly seductive? Maybe you need to change your subject lines, maybe add delicious freebies or tutorial videos that will make your dream audience want more. Macaroon strategy works perfectly to warm up your dream audience to work with you.

“Indulging a macaroon is always a good idea.” – Miss Chic n’ Beautiful

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